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Forklift Transport

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We Offer a Wide Range of Options to Meet Your Specific Needs

Transporting around 20,000 forklifts per year, we are one of the leading forklift transport companies in Germany. In the past two years, forklift logistics has grown into one of our main areas of business. With our customized trucks we are able to meet the ever growing and changing demands of the industry, and even set the bar. We can transport almost all types and sizes safely and without the need of a permit.

It’s our capable and dedicated employees, however, that guarantee a dependable and safe transport. They are highly trained in the handling and management of our customized trucks and in the use of our load security system.

In addition to standard transport solutions, we also offer our clients tailored solutions for special requests and needs. We can store your forklifts at one of our branches, for example, while our qualified personnel take care of maintenance and repair before sending your forklifts out to their next assignment.

Our Standard Practices in Forklift Transport

We transport forklifts
  • Under a canvas covering when their mast height is less than 3,85 m
  • Up to a height of 4,30 m with an opened hydraulic folding roof and the required permit
  • With a total carrying capacity of up to 24 t
  • Using a mobile ramp for ground level loading
  • Or using a ramp with an accommodating height of up to 1,20 m
  • Generally not as additional or mixed loads with other cargo
  • Perfectly secured with purpose-built anchorages and gear

Detmers – Tailored Construction Equipment Transport!

Contstruction EquipmentTransport

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Professional Handling and Transport!

Our fleet of vehicles features a variety of trailers and semi-trailers that are ideal for the transport of construction-site vehicles and equipment. With our low loaders, for example, we can transport construction equipment with a height of up to 3,60 m and a weight of up to 25 t.

We take care of everything should your construction equipment require a special permit for transport. As with other abnormal loads, we apply for the permit, plan and survey the route and arrange for an escort, if needed.

Detmers – Distribution Logistics, a win-win situation!

Distribution Logistics

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Individually tailored solutions to increase efficiency

Detmers is a modern, solution-oriented company that contributes to our clients’ added value by developing individually tailored logistics solutions. You can rely on our know-how in logistics and management, just as much as you can rely on our experienced employees and our modern fleet of vehicles to provide the great versatility and flexibility you need to achieve optimal efficiency.

Our clients profit from individual solutions that range from standard transport to the outsourcing of entire distribution logistics branches. In accordance with our own high standards, we offer our clients:

  • Country-wide storage and distribution hubs
  • Our own, centralized dispatch
  • Quality management
  • Servicing and maintenance

It isn’t just our proficiency in logistics, but also our fleet of hi-tech vehicles that gives our clients a certain competitive advantage. One of our customized loader crane trucks, dispatched from one of our country-wide hubs, can offer a fast, flexible and reliable delivery even of large pieces of equipment and assembly parts to construction sites.

Advantages at a glance

  • Minimising your company’s processes
  • While optimising remaining processes
  • Enhancing cost-effectiveness
  • Improving availability and utilization of your company’s resources
  • Enabling you to focus on your core business


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