We are going Express!

We are going Express!

Detmers ExpressLogistics - Reason why?

For more than 40 years our customers are enjoying the high quality and performance standards of  the Spedition Detmers. Those standards we have been developing in the last decades with container transport, specialized transport logistics and eventproduction are the ground on which we are now building our new business area ExpressLogistics.

Detmers ExpressLogistics offers you: professional and reliable transport of urgent freight and goods – from pickup to delivery – from door to door.

Your personal contact person will offer you individual and aim-oriented solutions for your express inquiries. Between your approach and the pickup in most cases it will not take even more than 90 minutes!

For us as a family company it is our general principle and motivation to fulfill our performance bond also in the new business area – each day from anew!  

Detmers ExpressLogistics – for you in Germany, Europe and the world!

Motivated by the frequent demands of our customers we opened the new business area ExpressLogistics.

Our customers appreciate our quality standards!

In the metropolitan areas of Rhine-Neckar (Mannheim), Rhine-Main (Frankfurt), Stuttgart and Munich we count to the renowned companies for our customers. From the smallest spare or mounting part to the full truck load of a trailer truck – we transport quickest possible and reliably using the proper means of transport. If necessary one of our employees will take the plane, to bring your transport to its worldwide destination.

We offer the Detmers ExpressLogistics services in Germany, Europe and worldwide according to our own high quality standards.

Our Express-services!

  • Special Tours:
    freight and goods that for example cannot be taken with by your general contractor, but still need to get to its destination on time
  • Courier Services:
    Important and time-critical documents, conceptual designs and drafts or prototypes which after completion need to be transported as fast as possible to your customer, business partner or court  
  • Express Tours:
    You need spare or mounting parts or construction components quickest possible to keep production or installation ongoing
  • OBC:
    Your freight needs a flight? – Our expert staff members, examined air cargo safety specialists, carry your freight safely to its destination by plane.

We are offering as accustomed

  • skilled and friendly contact persons
  • high flexibility
  • high expertise and reliability
  • extensive support


Just give us a call – we are your specialist for the best express solution!



Instant Booking!

Contact & Instant Booking

Detmers – Our contact persons for you!

We are accessible at all times!

One part of our service is being accessible around the clock. Whenever you have a demand for express, courier or special tours:

You can reach us

  • 24 hours a day
  • 7 days a week
  • 365 days of the year!

Please call us, we are looking forward to working with you!


Carina Stadelmaier

Dispatch ExpressLogistics

Phone  +49 621 80633-71
Mobile  +49 176 18 2265-01

You will be surprised by our reaction time!

You will be surprised by our reaction time!

The first step is your inquiry and our proposal which we work out together with you over the phone. We develop the specification of your transport and submit our proposal right on the phone. If you choose us for your order, we send out your order confirmation immediately. At the same time we start the collection of your transport at the designated location.

In between order and collection of the express freight will not pass more than 90 minutes in most cases.

Informations we need to know:

To reliably calculate the transport and our binding offer you need to provide us with the following information:

  • Size (Length x Width x Hight) or size of the palet
  • Weight
  • Number of items
  • Loading adress
  • Date /Time of collection
  • Delivery adress
  • Time of delivery
    o  Same day
    o  Expressly
    o  At the latest on……. (day) and at ………….. (time)
  • Additional specifications, as:
    o  Goods to be conveyed
    o  Value of goods
    o  Dangerous goods, with dangerous rating
    o   To be considered for the pickup:
       -  Contact person / registration
       - Loading at-grade or with ramp
       - Fork lift /lift truck available yes / no

Fleet of cars & trucks

Fleet of cars & trucks

Detmers – ExpressLogistik - our car and truck fleet

For a fast and on time delivery!

Our cars and trucks are on tour for you - 24/7/365!

Car category

  • Loading space 60x40x30 cm
  • Loading weight up to 50 kg

Category Caddy

  • Loading Space 120x80x100 cm
  • No of 9alett: 1
  • Loading weight max 350 kg


  • Loading Space 360x125x165 cm
  • No of palettes: 4
  • Loading weight max 1.100 kg

Trucks - 7,5 to

  • Loading space 600x240x220 cm
  • No of palettes: 15
  • Loading weight max 2.200 kg
  • with or without tail lift
  • Van body or tarpauline

Truck - 12 to

  • Loading space 600x240x220 cm
  • Loadinig weight max. 5.000 kg
  • No of palettes: 15
  • with or without tail lift
  • Van box or tarpauline

Truck 40 to - Tautliner

  • Loading space
    1.360x240x260 cm
  • Loading weight max 24.000 kg
  • No of palettes: 33
  • with fork lift - optional
  • optional Frigo max 22.000 kg


Phone: +49 621 80633-3
Fax: +49 621 80633-24

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