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Getting your Show on the Road

We know from 20 years of experience with mobile events that the logistics involve a little bit more than just transporting a show from A to B. On the contrary, the demands have proven to be as varied as the events themselves.

That’s why we think it’s important for the event planner, company, or agency to begin thinking about the transport and logistics of their project at an early stage, and for them to employ an experienced partner who not only gets the job done, but gets the job done well. Particularly when it comes to roadshows and mobile events, there are a number of points that need to be considered in order to ensure not only that things run smoothly, but to guarantee a show’s overall success:

  • how can the planned creative concept be transported
  • how much time and equipment/man-power does that require
  • which resources must be made available
  • are the time-frame and the guidelines for transport realistic

Our wide range of experience has shown that frequently – especially when events have been advertised for bids – the creative aspects of an event are given too much weight while the logistics are treated as a side note.

As a result, budgets are quickly spent and plans go awry. It is hindsight that often reveals mismanagement, that the logistics and transport of a mobile event required more time and capital than originally planned, and that, in the worst-case-scenario, the show cannot go on.

To succesfully hit the road with your event…

include our dispatchers in your plans from first conception. This ensures that we have enough time to properly

  • assess the transportability of your planned event and offer suggestions where needed
  • find answers to important logistical questions regarding time scheduling, location, route planning, assembly and dismantlement
  • discuss how best to secure loads while considering the strain of transport
  • apply for permits or special permits
  • to complete a detailed, reliable, and cost-effective estimate

Event logistics presents us with a variety of interesting challenges; it gives us the opportunity to implement our versatile skills and abilities from container and specialized transport to distribution logistics, while contributing to the success of your event.

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Detmers Event production – our Development

We first became involved in event logistics in the early 90’s when we managed the logistics behind Dreamtheatre Salome’s Germany tour. This collaboration not only turned into a long-term business partnership, but was also the springboard from which we expanded into the event logistics field. It wasn’t long before we took over the logistics of other mobile events, such as ice revues and contemporary circuses, whose tours spanned the entire European continent.

Our know-how and proficiency in container services were first sought by a German sportswear manufacturer in the mid-90s. For their streetball events, we used modular building solutions to create hospitality, presentation and sales spaces. In the following years, we have worked together with this sportswear manufacturer at a number of international sports events, including 2006 in Berlin and the finals in Athens, Moscow and Madrid.

Since then, Detmers has carried-out many events with portable buildings. The list of our clients includes a broad spectrum of companies from a variety of fields ranging from the automobile, telecommunications, sports & lifestyle, and fine-dining spheres.

Containers as Portable Buildings for Events

Portable Buildingsfor Events

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Aesthetic, efficient and reusable

Portable buildings have many advantages over other event space solutions, such as cost-effectiveness. Using container skeletons as a basis, we can create almost any space you need: from attractive display and sales rooms to multi-media presentation spaces, from gaming and sports modules or temporary kitchens with dining areas to communications and organisational centres for larger events.

What you can expect from us

Depending on how much you’d like to involve us in the planning process, you can expect the following:

  • Sketches of possible building layouts for your roadshow
  • Design and features planned in detail
  • Building or modification of containers according to required specifications
  • Paintwork if and as desired
  • Furnishing and electrical installation
  • Transport and logistics
  • Temporary and permanent storage


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