Container services & transport

Containers & portable buildings

Containers & portable buildings

Detmers – Containers on the Move

Timesaving and cost-effective loading and unloading

It takes about 15 minutes for our customized trucks, weighing up to 10 tons, to load and off-load containers with their loader cranes.

All the while, special sensors prevent our loader cranes from overburdening, thus guaranteeing the safety of personnel, cargo and trucks.

We handle your containers with care to guarantee that they arrive safe and sound

From the start, we’ve worked together with our manufacturers to develop customized trucks designed specifically for the handling and transportation of containers. That’s why we can personally vouch for the safety of your containers from the moment they’re loaded till their arrival.

Let us be clear: it’s important to us that costs are kept transparent and comprehensible

We generally use a zoning map of Germany/Europe together with a corresponding price list to comprehensibly calculate our services.

This enables us to offer you transparent, uniform services throughout Europe.

Our Transport Criteria

  • Wide loads are possible without a permit (up to a width of 3 m and a height of 3,20)
  • Our cranes can handle containers of up to 10 tons
  • Horizontal loading of containers with loader cranes
  • Gentle and smooth transport with air suspension
  • GPS tracking technology throughout Europe

Customized containers and abnormal loads

Customized containers & abnormal loads

Detmers – Specialists for abnormal loads

The perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and know-how

Combining a modern, high-performance fleet of vehicles with a team of capable dispatchers and drivers, we are able to provide solutions to even the most challenging transport demands. In order to offer the best solution for your needs, our dispatchers assess the on-site conditions and tailor the logistics accordingly. At the same time, our experienced drivers are not only competent in container handling, but can also be relied upon to respond flexibly to the unexpected and offer strategies to overcome any difficulties that may arise on-site.

Our combination of competencies has proven particularly useful for clients who required the transport of highly sensitive, problematic, or over-sized cargo. Especially companies dealing with measuring instruments, control systems, air-conditioning and ventilation technologies, energy supplies, and event catering can find the perfect, container-based solution to safely transport their out-of-the-ordinary cargo to the most out-of-the-way places.

We take care of all that’s necessary to receive a permit for abnormal loads that are more than 3,00 m wide and/or more than 3,20 m high - from route planning and configuration to the arrangement of an escort.

Specialized loads that we have successfully transported:

  • Temporary kitchens
  • Walk-in cold storage units
  • Mobile heating containers
  • Emergency power generators
  • Measuring instruments and control systems for environmental studies and mobile phone technology
  • Customized modular buildings – e.g. operating theatres
  • Portable manufacturing and sales buildings for bakeries, butchers, etc.

Further abnormal loads include:

  • Metal and concrete pipes
  • Concrete cisterns
  • Cranes
  • Tanks, such as fermenting tanks

Container services

Container services

Detmers – Experts in Container Maintenance

Increase the Operational Efficiency of your Containers!

Are your containers profitable?
Does wasteful container “downtime” take-up valuable storage space and produce additional maintenance costs?

We can help you minimise container operating costs by:
  • Minimising work processes
  • Increasing container dispatch readiness
  • Optimising availability
  • Reducing transport costs
  • Increasing container lifespan

Assembly/Dismantlement: The Whole Package for Modular Buildings

Our wide range of expertise enables us to offer our clients a variety of services. Not only do we transport your portable buildings, you can also count on us to assemble and dismantle modular buildings consisting of up to 100 containers. This is what you can expect from us:

  • detailed planning
  • effective organisation
  • professional execution and handling

In addition to taking over projects as prime contractor, we also offer individual container services!


  • A large, modern fleet of vehicles with air suspension
  • Low loading decks for containers up to 3,20 m in height
  • A permanent permit within Germany for loads up to 3,00 m wide
  • Online cargo and delivery tracking


  • Our customized trucks are able to load containers on their own with their loader cranes
  • Cranes can telescope to 66m length (able to carry a load of up to 10 tons worth of 20 foot containers within a radius of 5 m, a load of up to 2,6 tons within 18 m)
  • Able to stack 4 containers without assistance


  • Individual portable buildings as well as modular buildings
  • Includes the installation and removal of plumbing and electrical wiring
  • By qualified personnel at a fixed price


  • Repair work is done by one of our qualified professionals
  • We can do repairs on-site or at one of our branches
  • We also take care of any adding-on or rebuilding measures


  • We offer professional cleaning services and regular checks
  • We also clean on-site when containers have been dispatched
  • Or we can clean at one of our branches between dispatches


  • appropriate storage and handling
  • Additional services are possible
  • Timesaving and cost-effective interim storage
  • Allows you to make better use of your own storage space


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