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Aerial work platforms

Always the right equipment

We make working at great heights and in otherwise inaccessible areas fast, easy and, most importantly, safe with our aerial work platforms. We have the right equipment for almost any situation ready for dispatch when you need it.

Our rental park contains more than 100 devices, including scissor lifts, articulated telescope and articulated mast platforms. They offer a broad range of applications, working heights and lifting power.

With our brochure on the aerial work platforms we want to give you a quick and easy overview on all of them. You can identify easily which platform with which special features to choose for your individual requirements.

Because we want to make sure that we dispatch the appropriate equipment, one of our qualified co-workers will come to assess the on-site conditions and recommend a course of action.

We deliver and pick-up the aerial work platforms with our customized trucks. Once one of our platforms has been delivered to you, our co-worker will provide detailed operating instructions on-site.

Overview - Our Rental Services:

Operating Range Load (Measurements)
Scissor Lifts: 7-9 m 300-450 Kg
10-12 m 300-500 Kg
very narrow: 14 m 230 Kg 2,48 x 1,15 x 2,34 m
Articulated Booms: 12 m 225 Kg 4,81 x 1,80 x 2,00 m
16 m 225 Kg 6,80 x 1,80 x 1,99 m
17 m 225 Kg 5,60 x 1,80 x 2,20 m
Vertical Mast Lifts: 12m 200 Kg 3,85 x 1,20 x 1,99 m

Do you know, which is the proper aerial work platform for you?

By clicking the after-image you may get more details have to be concerned while planning the use of an aerial work platform!

To find the proper aerial work platform

Do you have still any questions?
Call us, and we’ll be happy to help you! We’ll also help you find the right platform for your needs, should you not have found it at first glance.

You can call us

Monday – Friday any time between 8:00 and 17:00 at +49 621 – 806 33 – 41 or send us an email at and we’ll call you back!

Reliable, safe and high

Safety at work is very important when handling with and working on hoisting platforms. You can rely on Detmers value proposition „Reliable, safe and high“, beginning with the technical appropriateness of our devices to the point of safety standards while working on-site.

Booklet: Rental services of hoisting and working platforms

Please find here an overall view of our Rental services. By clicking on the adjoining image you may download our new german brochure as pdf! We will be glad to send you our printed brochure, too. Just give us a call or send an email!

Reliable, safe, high - instructions and standards

Control is better!

Our equipment and devices are being delivered to our customers only in a perfect state concerning safety and technics. Our qualified technicians check all safety related elements and components at regular intervals. At delivery and collection the devices will always be sight- and function checked. We also trust in our customers to inform us about any error or damage that occurred during usage in order to repair it.

Safe working!

The basic prerequisite for safe working is using the right equipment. To make sure you get the proper device for your requirement one of our qualified staff members will visit you on site.

At delivery our customers will receive thorough instructions for the rented equipment, e.g. how and where to use the platform, how to handle and operate it safely, general security risks. These are the essential themes on which our staff focuses during this temporary instruction.

Schulung & Standards

If you have more information needs or if you want one or more of your employees to receive a certified training we will be happy to connect you to our partner company providing trainings according to the world leading IPAF-standard. Please just let us know if required.

We set a high value on your safety!

Unfortunately accidents are unforeseeable in the majority of cases. That is the reason why we invest a lot in the safety of all of our equipment and the proper use of the devices. Furthermore we want you to comply with the following active safety precautions while using the hoisting and working platforms

  • Always wear head protection and protective goggle
  • Always wear safety shoes and gloves
  • When renting our hoisting and working platforms we also serve you with safety belts which help avoid falling from the platform, and we strongly recommend their usage.
  • Safeguard the working area of the platform distinctly and visibly when forklifts or other traffic is around to avoid collisions and accidents.


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