Customized Trucks with Crane

Trucks with Crane

Our Container Experts

Our technology – always cutting-edge!

In addition to our experienced and motivated workforce, our large fleet of customized loader crane trucks is our most important asset. That’s why we work together with clients and manufacturers to constantly improve our vehicles by adapting to current needs and changing demands.

Four-Axle-Lorry Four-Axle-Lorry
Three-Axle-Lorry Three-Axle-Lorry
Semi-Trailor w/ Crane Semi-Trailor w/ Crane
Truck w/ Tail Crane Truck w/ Tail Crane

Trucks Customized for Forklift Transport

Trucks for Forklift Transport

Specialized for Specialists

The right solution for every request

Forklift transport has been a part of Detmers’ core business for almost 20 years. With about 20,000 nation-wide forklift consignments per year, we are one of the leading firms in the field.

Although forklift manufacturers increasingly produce customized forklifts to perform more specific tasks, our specialized trucks can transport virtually all types and sizes safely and without need of a special permit.

Our forklift trailers, just like our crane trucks and specialized semi-trailers, are constantly being optimised and adapted to client needs.

These customized semi-trailers make it possible for us to transport forklifts with a mast height of up to 3,85 m and a total weight of up to 24 t under a canvas, while a hydraulic roof enables us to transport forklifts with a mast height of up to 4,30 m with a special permit.

Internal Loader Internal Loader
Specialloader Specialloader
Four Axle-Trailor Four Axle-Trailor
Two Axle-Trailor Two Axle-Trailor
Megatrailer Megatrailer
Solo Truck Solo Truck
Solo Truck open Solo Truck open

Semi-trailers and Trailers

Semi-trailers and Trailers

The bigger, the better

Big and heavy? We can help you!

With great performance and cutting-edge technology, our versatile trailers and semi-trailers can transport pretty much anything, anywhere.

Our specialized semi-trailers can transport loads weighing almost 25 tons with a length of up to 17 meters.

We have fitted out semi-trailers with loader cranes to enhance efficiency. There’s no need for any additional equipment, as they can load, transport, and un-load up to 20 tons on their own.

Semi-low loader Semi-low loader
Low Loader Large Trailer Low Loader Large Trailer
3-Axle w/ Turntable steering 3-Axle w/ Turntable steering
Tridem-Trailer Tridem-Trailer

Aerial Work Platforms

Aerial Work Platforms

Dependable, safe, high-up!

To reach the highest heights – indoors and outdoors!

A large assortment of aerial work platforms guarantees that we can offer you the right equipment to safely perform your job even at the highest heights. Detmers rental service has around 80 aerial platforms, scissor lifts, and articulated and telescopic booms with varying uses and operating ranges.

Further factors to consider when choosing a platform are flexibility and lifting power, but it’s up to you which type of aerial work platform you would like to employ.

We’ve categorized our platforms by:

  • Area of employment (indoor or outdoor)
  • Motor: Electric or Diesel
  • Operating range
  • Load-carrying capacity and lifting power
  • Range / flexibility

We transport the aerial platforms ourselves with our customized trucks!

Scissor Lifts Scissor Lifts
Articulating Booms Articulating Booms
Vertical Mast Lifts Vertical Mast Lifts


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