About Us

About Us

The ability to change perspective…

Is not only a necessary skill for our drivers to have when working with our customized crane trucks to load and off-load with precision.

The ability to change perspective has enabled us, in our almost 40 years of existence,

  • to recognize and understand the needs of our clients, so that we can offer optimal solutions.
  • …to address the wishes and concerns of our emloyees and respond accordingly.
  • to work together with partners and manufacturers on anticipating trends and developing innovative solutions, with the goal of setting the bar for our industry.
  • to recognize social and economic change early on so that we can adapt accordingly and pave the way to future success.

Fairness, Loyalty and Sustainability

At Detmers, we work with the understanding that both business and human interactions take place on equal footing and are based upon mutual respect. This applies not only to our clients, but also to our employees and our business partners.

It’s our goal to build long and lasting relationships with all of our partners, to maintain a trustworthy and fair-minded work relationship - even when the going gets tough.

Detmers – Stands for Continuity and Innovation

Philosophy & History

Detmers was founded in the latter half of the 1970’s. It all began with the transport of construction site huts and containers that, for the first time, could be loaded and off-loaded independently and on-site by our customized crane trucks.

Even back then, Detmers prioritized service and was able to impress with cost-effective and time-saving transport solutions.

Today, almost 40 years later, we are more passionate than ever when it comes to delivering excellent service. With our modern fleet of vehicles and highly qualified personell, we are able to offer our clients not only standard transport solutions, but increasingly tailored transport and logistics to meet individual needs.

Right from the start, it has been our aim to find the best possible solution for clients’ requests. In fact, that was the founding principle of Detmers: Wolfgang Detmers equipped his first truck with a loader crane to offer his clients a new, better service.

Today we still believe that cutting-edge technology is what sets us apart, and we continue to develop and improve our truck and crane technologies in cooperation with their manufacturers. New technology excites and inspires us, but it’s knowing that our innovations create faster, more efficient solutions for our clients that gives us real satisfaction.

We can rely on our great team of employees to plan the logistics and handle the technology that moves your cargo. Most of them have been with the company for years and have contributed to the advancement of our crane trucks’ technology in many ways. Their experience combined with our qualification and advanced training requirements make our drivers more than just experts in dealing with trucks: they are professionals who have impressed many of our clients with their flexibility and problem-solving skills.

Modern technology is also important to us because it reduces our carbon footprint. Our fleet of vehicles consists almost entirely of vehicles that fulfil the Euro 6 emission standards. We also offer our drivers training in fuel-efficient driving – just another way that Detmers contributes to conserving the environment.

High quality service is what we strive to deliver. Every company and every individual who entrust us with their cargo and business can rely on consistent, equally high standards.

In practice, the highest quality service includes:

  • competent and goal-oriented support from our employees
  • responsible and respectful treatment of cargo and its surrounding setting
  • the best possible implementation and fulfilment of commissions
  • problem-solving to achieve the best results for clients
  • friendly and respectful treatment of clients and their employees as well persons in charge on-site

If you take a look at our areas of business, you will notice that most of them cannot be standardized. Working in this environment, our employees are accustomed to the challenges of managing new tasks and dealing with constantly changing conditions.

The success of our company depends on our flexibility of mind and our ability to adapt. This is a characteristic that we understand our clients appreciate, for we are able to act quickly and find solutions to any given assignment.

Our employees, too, appreciate our high level of flexibility, since this fills their work days with interesting tasks and diverse responsibilities. They also know that they can trust us to be flexible when it comes to meeting their general and individual needs.

For us, being confronted on a daily basis by a variety of challenges, the constant need to adapt, and maintaining our market position makes our work dynamic and interesting!

Detmers – a family-run business


Detmers – Facts & Numbers

Facts & Numbers

Detmers Transport & Logistik AG
Essener Straße 49

68219 Mannheim

Detmers Transporte GmbH
Marbacher Straße 48

71691 Freiberg

We offer our clients the following services:

Container and abnormal load transport including the loading and off-loading of up to 10 tons with our customized loader crane trucks
  • Transport of containers and portable buildings
  • Transport of customized containers and abnormal loads
  • Container services such as assembly and dismantlement
Specialized Logistics
  • Forklift transport
  • Construction Equipment Transport
  • Distribution Logistics
Event Production for Mobile Events and Roadshows
  • Event logistics – professional planning, transport, and logistics from small roadshows to international touring events
  • Event production – planning and execution of roadshows
Aerial Work Platform Rental Service
  • Rental of various work platforms and support
  • Scissor lifts
  • Articulated booms
  • Telescopic booms

As a medium-sized family business, Detmers has successfully established its niche in the transport and logistics industry. With its innovative and mostly self-conceptualized trucks, Detmers is one of the leading companies in container and portable building transport, as well as in forklift transport, in Germany.

By consolidating our resources and competencies, Detmers has over the years been able to successfully expand into complementary areas of business.

  • Expertise in transport and handling of containers and portable buildings
  • Technology: innovative in the development and adaptation of technological specifications and performance of vehicles
  • Competent logistics for containers, forklifts, mobile events and roadshows
  • Directed by client needs and demands
  • Flexibility and problem-solving skills
  • Human Resources

Detmers in Zahlen (Panel-Inhalt 1)

Headquarters: Mannheim
Employees: approximately 100
Vehicles: around 60, 50 of these are customized trucks
Aerial Work Platforms: approximately 80
Branches: Mannheim, Stuttgart, Frankfurt a. Main, Munich
Container consignments per year: ca. 40.000
Forklift consignments per year: ca. 20.000
Storage space for containers: 55.000 m²

Detmers Alliance:
Also belonging to the Detmers alliance:

  • Detmers International Trade and Transport Company mbH, Muelheim/Ruhr
  • Detmers Service & Transport GmbH, Dresden


Phone: +49 621 80633-3
Fax: +49 621 80633-24
Email: info@detmers.de

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